Expert Serv is an International Outsourcing Resource and Contact Center for business processes. We provide Business Process Management for customer support services, online sales support, tech support, survey management, and more across multichannel platforms.

We thrive on working with companies to deliver “Behind the Scenes” processes to create a superior customer experience with the new Generation “Digital Natives” of valued customers. We specialize in working with companies to streamline backend processes to positively impact both customer experience and client costs. Expert Serv has been building excellent direct and indirect business relationships for more than a decade with Fortune companies.

Whether you are seeking support with handling resources for social media support of responding to the new generation of customer via Facebook, Twitter etc. and other support forums, or just requiring assistance with resources for new implementation of processes, Expert Serv can handle your changing customer demands. The competitive market changes quickly, so we have learned to adapt with our clients and customers to provide superior services at a competitive price point to support ROI goals.